Here's cheers in Singapore

Singaporeans can now enjoy Nardone Baker Wines with all the convenience of their local Cheers outlet.

Furthermore, Cheers staff will be able to give excellent guidance after undergoing a comprehensive wine appreciation course last month, conducted by Nardone Baker Wines' Managing Director, Frank Nardone.

Mr Nardone says the thirst for knowledge about wine and wine and food matching, supports forecasts of wine becoming an ever more popular drink in Singapore.

"The latest figures we have seen, suggests wine consumption in Singapore will increase by 20% in the next four years," remarked Mr Nardone.

"With Australia already placed as the number one importer of wine to Singapore, ahead of France, we know that as long as we keep producing quality wines that suit the vibrant flavours of Asian cuisine, we will continue to hear Singaporeans saying 'cheers' with Nardone Baker!"

During tasting, staff were given detailed guidance on food and wine pairing and then armed with some custom-designed counter notes to take back to their stores, to ensure Cheers customers get the best advice possible when it comes to selecting the right wine for their occassion.

While in Singapore, Mr Nardone was also a special guest at the annual Temple Function Yishun, where many hundreds of attendees enjoyed Nardone Baker Wines and an inspired range of dishes.
Mr Nardone was treated to a special, VIP tour of the Temple and was quite taken by the detail of the various adornments and the brief explanation of daily life at the Temple.


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